Reward vocal customers

Redeemable helps you reward your customers with coupons when they engage with you on Twitter. Drive in-store sales by encouraging customers to share experiences with your brand on Twitter.

Getting Started is Simple

Download the Redeemable app and build your first campaign right now.

Delight your customers

Rewarding customers that share experiences about your brand on Twitter is a great way to keep the conversation growing about your business. Coupons are shared with the customer securely over private Direct Message.

The Redeemable app allows you to validate coupons when they are presented at the point-of-sale.

How it works

Campaign creation
Create Campaigns

Redeemable allows you to create and manage campaigns in a simple and efficient way.

Coupon generation
Generate Coupons

Once a campaign is created you can start generating multiple coupon batches for your customers.

Making customers happy
Make Customers Happy

Promote your campaigns, share coupons on Twitter and use the Redeemable app to validate the coupons.

Secure & ROBUST

All coupons are securely created and are validated with Redeemable's Remote Coupon Vault in real-time, giving merchants peace of mind that coupons can't be falsified or abused. Full in-app reporting gives a complete view of all coupon activity.

Supports multiple Stores

Once you've installed Redeemable, connect & authorise other devices to support redemption of coupons across multiple stores & locations.

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About us

Redeemable is developed and owned by Ad Dynamo. Ad Dynamo is Twitter's exclusive ad sales partner in Africa.

Ad Dynamo owns a Twitter automation business, Blue Robot, which operates globally from our London office. Blue Robot identified the need for an accessible technology platform that would allow merchants to reward customers on Twitter with coupons. This need gave birth to Redeemable - a first of its kind technology that allows any merchant to instantly create a live Twitter campaign that rewards their customers.

Connect with us

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